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Potence PR makes Medical Public and Media Relations our specialty. In an industry where specialisations are the norm, Potence PR prides ourselves on our depth of understanding and ability to translate complex terminologies for this industry, into comprehensible packages for the media and public to understand. We profess to understand the complexity and sensitivity of medical and health information that is made available to the public, bearing in mind that lives may be affected based on the way company messages are carried across. As part of the ENCE Marketing Group of agencies, we created Potence PR to fulfil the needs of the medical and wellness industry. We provide professional, specialised and specific public relations that is particular to the industry. From working within the tight schedules of doctors to eliciting patient stories with sensitivity and working within regulated healthcare frameworks, our PR consultants focus on building relationships within the medical profession and medical reporters in order to help clients suss out and convey their messages in the most appropriate manner. Potence PR – your specialty medical PR partner.